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Auto Locksmiths Association

The Auto Locksmiths Association

A not for profit association for professional Auto Locksmiths
The Auto Locksmiths Association
The Auto Locksmiths Association
  • The Auto Locksmiths Association was formed in 1996 as a non profit-making organisation with the express purpose of increasing the professionalism and integrity of the Auto Locksmith Industry.
  • Applications for membership must only be tendered by genuine, practising, Auto Locksmiths. Applicants must have been trading as such for a minimum of two years.
  • Applicants must take a specific industry exam and provide references.
  • Membership is personal. The ALA does not accept company membership.
  • The ALA is mainly UK based but our members can also be found in Southern Ireland, Europe and America. The ALA welcomes applications from around the world.
  • Meetings take place twice a year for members and invited guests to take part in training and to share information and techniques





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