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Finance Houses / Banks / Repossessions


Sadly, in tough economic times, many people are often unable to sustain repayments on their car loans. In such cases it is sometimes necessary for the vehicle to be repossessed.

In most cases the customer willingly gives up the car and car keys but there are often situations where the keys are not presented and in cases such as this, repossession becomes much more difficult.


Finance Houses / Banks / Repossessions


Finance Houses / Banks / RepossessionsMost modern cars are equipped with high security locks, electronic handbrakes and steering locks and a multitude of other security devices, which prevent the vehicle being loaded onto a recovery vehicle. Furthermore, once a vehicle has been recovered, it is then necessary to have keys made in order to resell.

A quick call to the Auto Locksmith Association and life becomes a lot simpler and often cheaper.

  • Cars opened on site
  • Keys made to release steering locks
  • No need for specialist recovery vehicles
  • A one stop system (keys made and vehicle repossessed at the same time)


Auto Locksmith Association Members are background checked, discrete and professional. If you are engaged in the business of repossessing vehicles for any purpose, contact us to discuss what we can do for you.


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